software engineer interested in trading algorithms and frontend


I have been involved in software development for 16+ years and I have 10+ years of professional experience in software development. During this time, I have developed many websites, web applications, large-scale software products. I gained experience in many areas from leading the software team to code-review processes and software architectures. You can get consultancy service from me for your needs in line with my experience and experience.


Some of the titles you can get consultancy service are as follows:

  • Frontend Development: developing large-scale web applications and small web projects by creating quality code architectures that are sustainable, follow best practices
  • Code-Review: code-review service for your ongoing software projects to make them follow best practices and have sustainable codebase
  • Problem Solving and Counseling: getting assistance for the challenges you encounter in development process or guiding you to create projects those meet software principles
  • Algorithmic Trading: developing cryptocurrency trading robots and technical analysis indicators


I follow the "pay as you go" price policy, as I aim to provide scalability and flexibility. It is calculated based on a fixed hourly price and the time you receive the service, not the size of the project, brand or customer.

$ 30 / hourly

* excluding taxes, may vary depending on countries, payment method and work model


last updated: January 11, 2023